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pptx, 1. Detective Fiction Full Term SOW that comes with resources that accompany the powerpoint.

Grades: 4 th - 5 th.

This presentation explains the definition of historical fiction, the importance of research and why authors write, and people read, historical fiction.

Fiction Subgenres • Historical Fiction: set in the past and based on real people and/or events • Science Fiction: has aliens, robots, futuristic technology and/or space ships • Realistic Fiction: has no. File previews. 2.

Folklore stories once passed down orally.

You can use this PowerPoint to teach your pupils about the different kinds of fiction book genres. Transcript and Presenter's Notes. 33 MB ppt,.

Literary Fiction. Fiction A made up story Can tell about things that could happen Is read for fun Characters may be like real people or imaginary Non-Fiction Has facts that can be checked and proven The.

fPopular art, any dance, literature, music, theatre, or other.

Fiction is based on the imaginary and creative.

Fiction is a made up story that may seem real, but has never happened in real life. Environment, Person vs.

, Kathleen R. Often involves future scientific or technological inventions and major changes to society and the environment.

These two great literary categories are fiction and nonfiction.
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Use this interesting All About Historical Fiction PowerPoint to introduce the historical fiction genre to your class.


16 MB ppt, 1. . Teaching children about these genres will deepen their knowledge of stories in general.

fPopular art, any dance, literature, music, theatre, or other. pptx, 875. pptx, 30. Check out this unit that includes other fictions. Genres of Fiction The two main types of fiction 1. .

Some call this genre “serious fiction.

Has been described by Isaac Asimov (a noted science fiction author) as an imaginative narrative that deals with the reaction of human responses to changes in the level of science and. .


2 Genres and literature When you speak about genre and literature, genre means a category, or kind of story.

Some call this genre “serious fiction.

Fiction genres.

Commercial fiction attracts a broad audience and may also fall into any subgenre, like mystery, romance, legal thriller, western, science fiction,.