If the transmission fluid has not been serviced since new, its DEFINITELY overdue.

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6) Start the engine and Drive.

. But the gearbox fault light still comes on. 0L diesel), Range Rover (L405; TDV6 3.

I was expecting "new gearbox" or something like that.

If switch is intact: a. Jun 12, 2022 · I am a owner of a Range Rover Autobiography 2014. L405 gearbox reset 1) Press Start button but don't turn on the engine.

AM (Supersessions: LR054851 > LR049160). .



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Jul 27, 2021 · Jack just the back end up so you can turn the wheels easily.


Reseting the adaptions causes the shifts to slip more than normal while it learns everything, with new fluid that doesn't have any friction material in it, this can cause an otherwise good trans to fail, as it will never fully learn the correct way to shift if.

Wait for 2 Mins. This menu gives you the option to turn software updates on. All right reserved.

Remove foot from Accelerator. Discussion Starter · #3 · Apr 30, 2009. All right reserved. Discussion Starter · #3 · Apr 30, 2009. pdf, 1Non start RFA BCM full SSM flowchart.

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It more than probably is the window ECU. .

Fully depress and hold the BRAKE and GAS pedals for 30 seconds.

Go to settings > Home settings.

Yes, it’s possible to set up your home pages so you default back there every time you press the home button.

If they’re turned off, simply press the power button to turn software updates to ‘On’.

I was in the fast lane of a motorway/hiway.