Each kit includes the supplies required for use in CVAD's Foundations courses and will be paid for out of UNT's allocation to the UNT Learning Center's School Supply.

All new undergraduate students are required to attend an orientation session. edu or 940-565-4600.

Freshman Orientation 2014! I compiled some videos I took while at UNT.

Fall 2023 Registration Schedule.

Students can find more information, as well as the form to enroll in a Federation course, on the UNT Federation website or by contacting the UNT Federation Representative at Michael. UNT New Student Orientation. It is known to accommodate 15.


. You must complete all orientation requirements. unt.

. Our Freshman Orientation programs scheduled through the end of July will be offered virtually and in-person.


Spring 2023 Registration Schedule.

New freshmen students entering in the Fall term/semester are invited to attend a two day orientation session where they receive individual attention.