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Apr 24, 2023 · Though black smoke is similar to blue/silver coloring, the two aren’t quite the same.

Red point (also called flame point) Cinnamon point.

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Feb 28, 2023 · Balinese Coats and Colors Explained! The Balinese coat is its most unique feature, lying close to the body it flows silkily along the cat’s lines flowing naturally towards the rear, and does not mat.

The eyes of a black cat. This is a long slender cat that resembles the Siamese except for the long coat and plumed tail. Male Balinese weigh from 10 to 15 pounds and females from 8 to 12 pounds which is similar to the Siamese.

It’s a fairly new breed that first appeared in 1984 when kittens with intense blue-colored eyes were born to a female tortoiseshell cat. .

30) The Tracey Family from NJ, Long haired male, Lilac point- 2nd Azureys kitten! 31) The Rahman Family from MD, Long haired kitten, any color- 2nd Azureys Kitten! 32) The Okin Family from NJ.

In addition, the tail is relatively thin and thick.

The long-haired gene is a recessive gene that will only show if both parents carry it and it expresses itself. .

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The Balinese cat is a natural mutation of the Siamese cat breed with blue eyes, silky long-hair, companion-dog like personalities, and hypoallergenic qualities not common in its short-haired Siamese counterpart.
The recessive gene c s causes temperature-sensitive expression of.
The ears are big, pointed to the top, and wide at the base.

The long fur may seem like a gift of selective breeding with another long-haired breed.


A study of contradictions – elegant refinement, in reality firm and muscular. However, this domesticated breed of felines has longer fur. .

In addition, the tail is relatively thin and thick. Because a male cat has one X chromosome and one Y chromosome, he'll only be orange or black—not both. . . ”.


. These cats are characterized by their unique coloring, which includes a deep red color on their chest and a black stripe on their back.

In addition, the tail is relatively thin and thick.

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The Balinese is unique with its distinct range of colors and silky coat that hides a supple and athletic body.