He's forgiving and can make up for his own mistakes.

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Joel dies in The Last of Us Part II, and his death is the catalyst for Ellie's character arc. .

Mar 12, 2023 · The answer is no; Joel doesn’t die in the first The Last of Us game, on which season one of the HBO show is based, either.


it’s sad that joel died, ur sister always cries at that part. . .


. Many players are shocked by the actions of Joel a the end of The Last of Us, but the protagonist's brutal killing spree through the Firefly hospital occurs because Sarah dies at the start of the game. It's revealed that Abby is the daughter of a surgeon.

The Last of Us episode 7 landed on HBO and HBO Max on Sunday, following Ellie and Joel ( Bella Ramsey and. In both the first game and the series, Joel ruthlessly murders the surgeon just as he is about to perform the procedure.

He's able to confront other people about his weakness.


ago. Some people legitimately believe Joel did nothing wrong, while others believe it was an irredeemably selfish act.

We can’t say the same for Part II, though, sorry. she took a deep breath in and stopped crying.

Later, when Joel and Ellie arrive at the now-empty house, they discover that Bill has left a letter.
Viewers and fans debate Joel's controversial decision at the end of Season One of the HBO series "The Last of Us.

True to Ramsey’s word, the finale has caused controversy: Fans have some serious feelings over Joel’s (Pedro Pascal) decision to save Ellie ( Ramsey ), who has become like a.


. They bring Abby back to her group of former Fireflies. .

”. . . This portrayal of Joel makes him stronger than the game version. . .

Mar 13, 2023 · But upon arriving, Joel discovers that the doctors will have to operate on Ellie’s brain, killing her in the process.

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